TTS utilizes continuously developing communication techniques to fulfill customer expectations. By the technological infrastructure, loading-arrival notices as well as load documents are transmitted to the customers immediately via electronic mail. The customer accesses to any document requested within 30 seconds only through our electronic archiving system.

TTS employees are happy and completely dedicated to the company. The personnel circulation which is one of the chronic problems of logistic companies and disrupts the work does not exist in TTS. Customer satisfaction is always held on the top through an experienced representative who knows the senders/receivers and their priorities well. Customers do not loose time to reach their representative by a call-center; they reach the solution that they seek by direct line of the representative. One of the most important services expected from a logistic supplier is rapid, accurate and effective feedbacks. Replies given to electronic mails of the customers are continuously measured in TTS.

The most important is, customers are not valuable for the employer only, but also valuable for the employees in TTS.

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