Data Security

TTS Uluslararası Nakliyat ve Ticaret Ltd. Şti. comes in connection with its activities into possession of data requiring confidentiality like private access/contact information of customers, their documents (information such as purchasing and sales invoices, proforma invoices, customs documents, packing lists, etc.) and purchasing activities.

Operating in the same sector since 1994, our primary goal is to ensure the trust of competing institutions and organizations that we have been serving for many years and to provide the security of the information assets that we use for the services we provide.

In this context, our relationships with our customers and business associations are very valuable.

The continuity of services we offer, the confidentiality of information we hold, and the integrity of the information assets of our customers and within our company have a great importance. Although we have not experienced any leakage of information from our organization until now, not even by accident, in order to document and ensure this:

  • We have established the ISO 27001 system and are committed to continually improving its effectiveness.
  • We constantly monitor our risks and carry out inspections for risks above acceptable levels.
  • We train our employees on data security.
  • We are committed to fully comply with Turkish laws and regulations.
  • We review and update this policy once a year 
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