TTS achieved to make the service quality which differentiates itself from the competitors a standard for any kind of full and partial shipments by a customer focused approach, strong agency network and experienced staff.

a.Partial and Full Loads Road Transports

Parsiyel ve Komple Karayolu Taşımacılığ

Your product is conveyed to the arrival country through roadway route for export and import within the shortest transit period. Delivery/collection period of our agency for partial materials is 24 hours. For imports, your products are taken to the road without delay by different exists from all agencies at least 3 days a week.

TTS provides added value services for your export shipments such as acceptance by appointment from your warehouse, packaging, pelleting, delivery to the customers by appointment (Just In Time). Since Germany is a geographically wide country, a logistic supplier with one agency may remain insufficient. TTS differs from its competitors and performs delivery and collecting through its agencies in two different territories; therefore, the company provides a cost- and time-efficient services for its customers.

b. Partial and Full Load Temperature Controlled Transportation

Parsiyel ve Komple Karayolu Taşımacılığ

In all countries that we provide services, the company stores and carries the materials which should be shipped with temperature control (notwithstanding the weight from one kilogram to twenty tons) at desired temperatures through strong agencies. 

Along with temperature recording devices in the vehicles and warehouses, a device which records the humidity and temperature continuously is placed onto the product (temperature data logger) and cross-control is provided. 

c. Hazardous Substance Transportation

Parsiyel ve Komple Karayolu Taşımacılığ

Except hazard degree Class 1 (Explosive substances articles) and Class 7 (Radioactive materials), all partial and full hazardous loads are carried by our personnel, agencies and required equipment specialized on transportation of hazardous loads with exists weekly.

Logistics and Storage

Gümrüklü Depolama

Bonded Warehouse

Through a bonded warehouse area of 65 declares including closed area of 32.000 m2 and open area of 33,000 m2 in Istanbul, storage services are provided in our warehouses dependent to Halkalı and Erenköy customs offices. The healthiest, safest and cleanest environment for your loads is provided by storage options with /without shelves as well as with a storage area with modern equipment’s and permits required for chemicals or temperature-controlled products. 

Logistics Warehouse

In our logistics warehouse located in Sekerpinari, Gebze, a wide ranged services including stock management, order preparation, delivery note and/or receipt printing, serial no/lot no/batch no. monitoring is provided through experienced staff.

Our customers may receive all detailed reports of storage procedures in desired format within desired frequency. Our warehouse has all equipment’s for added value services such as barcoding, labeling, packaging, product combination, handling, re-packaging, pelleting; camera systems and 24/7 security exist in the warehouse. 

Distribution Services

Dağıtım Hizmetleri

Your packed or palletized products in our bonded or logistics warehouses are delivered through taut, closed case, temperature-controlled vehicles with different sizes to each destination in Istanbul within four hours at most and to other cities within seventy two hours at most. 

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