Privacy Notice For Processing Personal Data of Employees


1. Data Controller and Representative

Pursuant to the Personal Data Protection Law no. 6698 (“PDPL”), TTS ULUSLARARASI NAKLİYAT VE TİCARET ANONİM ŞİRKETİ (the “Company), in its capacity as the data controller,  may process, record, store, categorize or update identities, contact details, locations, professional experience, education background,  videos, images and photographs, bank account data, health data, family member data, IP address data, your password and passphrases of our employees for the following purposes, or may disclose/ transfer such data to third parties to the extent permitted by the law and limited to that purpose.

2. Purpose of Processing your Personal Data

Your personal data that the Company may collect shall be processed within the scope detailed below:
• Completion of emergency situation preparations and conduct of operations
• Planning, audit and execution of information security processes
• Fulfillment of obligations for employees arising from the employment contract and applicable legislation
• Conduct of processes related to employee fringe benefits and interests
• Performance of audits and ethical code of conduct
• Execution of access powers
•Conduct of operations in line with the applicable legislation
• Conduct of financial and accounting operations
• Ensuring the security of physical spaces
• Conduct of legal affairs
• Conduct of communication affairs
• Planning and execution of human resource processes
• Conduct of business operations
• Conduct of Occupational Health and Safety operations
•Conduct of logistic operations
• Creation of personnel’s job files and payrolling
• Management of an employee’s contract process
• Allocation of motor vehicles, telephone devices and lines to the employees for their tasks under the employment contract
• Conduct of activities to sign powers of attorney and circulars of signature,
• Mapping out procedures for service procurement contracts
• Opening e-mail accounts for employees and their authorization
• Keeping Internet logs,
• Planning and execution of personnel travels
•Planning personnel travels and conduct of advance payment processes
•Conduct of and monitoring paper works
• Sustainability of the budgeting processes
• Planning and execution of in-house training and orientation programs
• Supply of information to competent individuals and entities,
•Conduct of management operations
• Procuring the security of data controller operations
You can read the Personal Data Processing and Protection Policy posted at for detailed information about the Company’s data processing policy

3.Transfer of Your Personal Data

Your personal data which are processed in line with the purposes listed above may be transferred to our business partners, competent public bodies and agencies in order to carry the processes listed above, or to outsourcing companies in order to handle our relations with private persons, and to independent auditors due to legal requirements and legal limits subject to those terms and purposes for processing personal data as set out in Articles 8 and 9 of the PDPL and in line with the basic principles prescribed therein.

4. Method and Legal Grounds for collecting your Personal Data

Your personal data are collected by our Company from your specific written statements, employee statements, business cards, career sites, forms, Common Health and Security Unit and Occupational Health and Safety Unit, suppliers, logging, e-mail and different channels on the basis of such legal grounds listed above and in order to carry out our business operations. Your personal data collected this way are collected in a  physically and electronically secure environment at the onset of the business relation and thereafter in order to carry out the above-mentioned processes. Accordingly, your personal data may be processed and transferred by getting an explicit consent in light of the principles set out in Article 4(2) of the PDPL, or in the case of circumstances listed in Article 5(2) or 6(3) thereof, without getting an explicit consent.

5. Your Rights as a Data Subject under Article 11 of the PDPL

You, our precious employees, may send your requests regarding your rights by competing and signing the form at the address of  We shall finalize your request free of charge and, depending on the nature of the request, as soon as possible or at the latest within thirty (30) days; however, if the transaction requires the payment of an additional cost, we shall collect the fee set out in the tariff published by the Committee.

Your rights that you may use pursuant to Article 11 of the PDPL are as follows:
• To inquire if your personal data are processed;
• If your personal data are processed, to ask information about it;
• To learn about the purpose of processing personal data and if they are used in line with that purpose;
• To know about third parties in Turkey or abroad to whom personal data are transferred,
• Where personal data are misprocessed or incompletely processed, to ask for the correction of it,
• To request for the destruction or erasure of personal data subject to terms and conditions set out in Article 7;
• To ask that operations carried out under items (d) and (e) above should be notified to third parties to whom personal data have been transferred;
• To object to results that may be detrimental to the data subject by virtue of analysis of processed personal data by means of automated systems;
• To ask for a compensation for damages in the event that personal data are processed unlawfully

6. Request for updating your data

Personal data we collect should be correct, and where necessary, updated. Therefore, in the case of a change to your personal data, you can notify this change to our Company’s relevant department.
* In the case of a change to this Privacy Notice, the contents hereof shall be updated.

7. Exercising by Data Subject of its Rights

You can send to the Company your requests in connection with your rights set out in this Privacy Notice by completing and signing the Application Form that you can have access at by means of methods below or other methods described by the PDP Committee and you should attach required documentation and information as well.
1.    After the application form is completed, a wet signed copy should be sent to the following address either personally or by means of a registered mail with return receipt:
İstoç Oto ve Ticaret Merkezi, Askar Plaza, Kat:2, No: 22-23 34214 Bağcılar-ISTANBUL
2. After the application form is completed and signed with secure electronic signature as described in the Electronic Signatura Law no. 5070, it may be e-mailed to our Company e-mail address below:
3.    You can complete and send the application form to the following e-mail address

İstoç Oto ve Ticaret Merkezi, Askar Plaza, Kat:2, No:22-23 34214 Bağcılar İstanbul
P: +90 212 911 87 00 F: +90 212 911 87 20