Quality Management System and Sustainability

In short, the main objective of ISO 9001 certificate is customer satisfaction. Today, quality is no longer limited to only logistics services. We have been granted the ISO 9001 certificate aiming to provide quality of service and sustainability regarding all procedures carried out before and after the service.

In order to present "Boutique Logistics" service concept to its customers within the corporate enterprise structure, or company has formulated this understanding in writing and made it persistent, but it has also intended to continue his development while doing so.

We guarantee to our suppliers and customers product and service quality

  • not by rule of thumb, but without falling below the existing service standard,
  • permanent according to a written tariff, but yet continuously improved, and
  • determined not only by personal visions or abilities, but according to standard procedures.

With ISO 9001 our aim is;

  • Increase in customer satisfaction and customer loyalty,
  • Reduced error rates,
  • Effective operation and final controls,
  • Ease of selection, evaluation and follow-up of suppliers,
  • To facilitate the determination and distribution of authority and responsibilities within the enterprise,
  • To be able to conduct situation analyzes in the direction of data and statistical measurements and to be able to use these analysis results in future decisions,
  • Establishment of documentation (infrastructure) to ensure standardization of business activities,
  • Establishing the infrastructure to ensure that records for the past are kept on a regular basis.
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